Saturday, May 26, 2012

Smolov Day 2 Week 1.

Pre-set ritual. Chalk up and visualize the next set. 

Christ almighty, today's workout knocked me the fuck out and my body is little banged up (left elbow and tricep are tender, both calves are tight as hell and right leg feels like I have shin splints, but on the side -- I never feel 100% during this routine though). And even though during the sets I felt strong, and even felt stronger as the sets went on, after I racked that fucker for the last set I was absolutely spent; I had trouble riding my bike home and had to walk a good portion of the way. Regardless, I was rockin' my Notre Dame t-shirt and so this workout goes out to Rudy. If you're a little guy like me and can't find motivation from that movie, you're probably real boring at parties. But yes, it becomes easy to have a shitty attitude between sets, and if it helps to think of cheesy motivational stuff to stay positive, it makes a world of difference. I was looking forward to each set today. RUDDDDDYYY!!!!!!!

Today called for 385x7 for 5 sets

Assistance work today was lying down between sets with a 15 minute nap after the last set. I rested about 5 minutes between sets 1 and 2 and ten minutes between all other sets. If I'm feeling good, I tend to do chin-ups or ab-wheel for assistance.

Rudified video below. Last rep of set 3 I almost lost it because I saw a young lady mirin'. 



  1. I was trying to find that young mirin' lady in the video, but couldn't :(

  2. Haha, she was on the stairs way out of frame.

  3. If this was meant to be 385x5 for 7 sets, why are you doing 385x7 for 5 sets? Just curious as the caption under the spreadsheet image says 385x5.

  4. Everyone but Americans go sets x reps

  5. I just downloaded the Rudy soundtrack after watching you squat. Yes I will listen to this while I get my squat on.