Monday, May 28, 2012

Smolov Day 3 Week 1.

Before every final set I always think of what Kirk Karwoski once said in an interview: You just have to not fuck up for 30 seconds. 

Today: 410x5 for 7 sets.

Today was okay. Speed was not really there, but stamina was and I completed most of my sets with only a pause before the final rep. Depth was very good too, save for one or two reps. Between sets I was hurting like a mo-fo on my right ankle (the result of wearing shoes with no ankle support, I believe), my left knee, and both hips. Here's a diagram to help pinpoint the sources of my pain:

Let me show you where it hurts. 

Video of workout below:


  1. LOL at picture, good work regardless

  2. The lady behind you in the first set? Totally checking out your glutes.