Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Smolov Jr. Day 4 Week 1.

I match my outfits to the difficulty of my workouts. I call this one 'summer breeze.' 

Today was easy. Some elbow pain and general tricep fatigue, but it didn't really affect my power. Each set today was slightly easier than the last. About two minutes rest between sets.

Today: close grip bench 265x3 for 10 sets. 

As for how I'm feeling, it's my experience that being successful with a routine like Smolov is mainly about how good you are at pain management. The first time I ran Smolov I had incredible pain in my shoulder and elbow whenever I squatted. I would lie down between sets and just sort of writhe around until I felt normal enough to complete the next set. This went away after a week. The second time I ran Smolov the middle of my back would sieze up so badly when I unracked or reracked the barbell that I would lose vision from the pain. This went away after two weeks after I figured out that flexing my abs hard before unracking would prevent the pain. This time, it's my ankle. If I can complete the sets, I'm not going to stop. I'm not advocating working out while injured or until you snap your shit up, but there's a difference between being in pain and being crippled. Maybe. Probably. The point is, I've come out stronger and injury free each time.

Video of workout below. I put the wrong song in the video. lulz.

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  1. Why don't you lay your feet flat on the ground and use to to balance?