Sunday, May 27, 2012

Smolov Jr. Day 3 Week 1.

Curling in the squat rack is for noobs. Try the OLY platform, bitches. Crimes against humanity committed today: 1.

My body was feeling good entering the gym today despite yesterday's beating. Though my right ankle is stiff/tender and my hips are a little sore, but that's it for now. Anyway, today was was easy peasy and sort of just felt like active rest, which is fine with me. My bench set up was feeling tight, too. About 3 minutes rest between sets.

Today: close grip bench. 250x4 for 8 sets. 

After bench I did some curls and chins for elbow prehab. The last few sets of bench made my elbows feel real, real stiff so I called it an early day with only 3 sets of curls and chins. *emo sigh*

Bench video below. I managed to hide my belly this time. 

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