Monday, July 9, 2012

5/3/1 Squats. 1+ Day

My stupid back =[

Well despite my back feeling good the past few days, it is still fucked apparently. During warm-ups the middle of my back was giving me some trouble and, then, after my first working set at 365,  my entire core seized up (mid back and abs). I couldn't do any sort of rotational movement with my back without quite of bit of pain. The pain is deep, feels like extreme DOMS, and like someone has hit me with a blunt object. I figured I'd try my final set and then go home. I got 6 reps, which is what I wanted, but I had to cut all the reps high because I couldn't maintain any tightness and I almost fell forward a couple of times. A pretty disappointing workout. However, this is better than the last time I did 455 (5 reps) and, if my back does heal up, it shouldn't be hard to improve upon these squats next cycle as my legs feel fresh and weren't really taxed at all.

Goals for today:




Progress for week 3 over last 13 cycles:

cycle 1: 345x4
cycle 2: 355x5
cycle 3: 365x6
ycle 4: 370x6 
ycle 5: 380x7
cycle6: 390x6
cycle7: 400x7 
cycle 10:deloaded, forgot what I did. 
cycle:11: 440x8
cycle12: 455x5
cycle13: 455x6 (injured back)

Video of final set below:

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