Saturday, July 7, 2012

5/3/1 OHP 1+ Day.

Setting up. 
First workout after hurting my back. Everything felt fine with only some minor soreness at the end of the workout (I did some power cleans to start my lighter overhead presses, which was dumb). My form was a lot tighter today, but it still needs work. I clenched my ass for each rep and really tried to explode out of the rack position, but this still makes my legs bend a bit. It's frustrating. Overall, though, overhead press is improving. Here is 185x4 two months ago. I've never repped 190lbs before and I remember not being able to do 190 for a single last December. I finished the workout with some singles at 190 and 200lbs and two rep out sets at 135lbs (supersetted with chins). The sets of singles felt great.

Goals for today:




Video of workout below. I'm really not getting my head through fast enough, or at all:

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  1. I just started squeezing my ass hard after reading/watching Paul Carter's blog post. Huge difference.