Wednesday, June 27, 2012

5/3/1 Deadlifts. 5+ Day. Week 1 Cycle 13.

At least my hammies look good. Hook grip practice with deficit deads. 

My deadlift appears to be stalled. I'm not sure if it's due to the lack of deadlifting for the past month, if today was a bad day, or if I'm genuinely weaker at the lift. I seem to be slower than I once was after I get past the knees. I'll see how next session goes and I'll decide from there if I need to deload. No big deal. After deadlifts today I did some deficits with hook grip up to 495lbs (singles). I tried a PR with hook grip (still at a deficit) at 525, but once I got it above my knees I stalled. After that I did front squats and chins (front squat PR of 315x5).

Goals for today:



475x9 (wanted 10)

Progress over the last 13 cycles:

  • Cycle 1: 355x13
  • Cycle 2: 365x12
  • Cycle 3 :370x14
  • Cycle 4: 380x15
  • Cycle 5: 385x15
  • Cycle 6: 395x15 
  • Cycle 7: 400x17
  • Cycle 8: 405x15 (out of town)
  • Cycle 9: 425x5 (just hitting prescribed reps) (also change in form to deadstop, all previous weeks were touch-and-go)
  • Cycle 10: 435 x 11
  • Cycle 11: 455x10
  • Cycle 12: 465x10
  • Cycle 13: 475x9

Video comparison of deadlifts from today and from two months ago below:

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