Friday, June 29, 2012

5/3/1 OHP. 3+ Day

I wore my beret today because I'm not balding at all. 
Today was okay. I would have liked to have performed some cleaner reps and done one more rep than I ended up with on my final set, but 180x9 is what I expected after last week's 170x11 (I can usually subtract 1 rep for every 5lbs added to the bar when predicting my performance). My assistance work was better in that I was able to do a pretty clean 225lb overhead press (PR) and then speedy, clean sets at 135lbs for 5 sets of 10 reps. So in the grand scheme of things, my OHP seems to be improving. Although, I'm not sure doing the heavy reps after my main set is going to be effective for OHP like it is has been for my bench. Ill see how next cycle goes before making any judgments.

Goals for today:




For assistance I did weighted chins and the ab wheel.

I've sort of lost track where I am on OHP since I've deloaded and changed my form so many times. But in january I did 180x4 bounced reps. So whatever the case may be, I'm right on track for my progress.

Video of workout below:


  1. Your progress is outstanding. I sometimes lose hope when the weight starts to get heavy, even with only 315 pounds on my back. Are you doing the 5/3/1 4 day template?

  2. Thanks, Chris! Yeah, I'm doing Ohp, day off, squats, bench, day off, deads, day off.

  3. Hey many really digging the blog, 5/3/1 is my go to as well. You mind me asking what your diet is like? I'm pretty large at 6'4 220 lbs but I can't seem to progress and I keep stalling out. I think I'm going to reset 10% because its been a long time since I've hit more than my prescribed reps on my last set. I can't help but feel that my diet may be to blame. Could you give me some insight on your nutrition? Thanks!

  4. Hey, Scott, I'm really not the guy to ask about diet. Most my gains have come to me because I've been on a caloric surplus for the past year. But don't be afraid of deloading, I've done it many times. It's how to keep the program moving!

  5. How heavy of a caloric surplus are we talking? I'm judging by your body not GOMAD.