Saturday, June 16, 2012

Final day of Smolov

11/11 squat sessions without a missed rep, but today's sessions was beyond what I was capable of doing. I wish I had the mind of a champion, but I happily and readily welcomed my defeat today. I am just very clearly done. And, yes, I know the internet will be happy to let me know that I'm stupid for trying 3 runs at Smolov in a 6 month time period, but sometimes you just have to figure these things out for yourself. I'm very much looking forward to my rest week and I just hope that these past three weeks were not totally wasteful. I may test my maxes after the week off or just go back into a deloaded 5/3/1 cycle. I'll see how the weights feel once I return to the gym. See ya soon.

Some advice on Smolov: the base cycle should be challenging, but not bringing you near to failure like it was for me. That is all. Video below.

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