Sunday, June 3, 2012

Smolov Day 2 Week 2 | Smolov Jr Day 2 Week 2

RIP my fav shorts =[
Today marks the midway point of Smolov and Smolov Jr. Today was also the first time I took ibuprofen before my workout (800mg), as well as the first time doing static stretching prior to the workout. Two things: I had no pain for 80% of my squats. Only before the final set did I begin to feel my left hip and knee starting to act up. The ibuprofen also made me dizzier between sets and I also noticed that it was much harder to get my adrenaline to flow (as in my mental tricks to psych myself up didn't do much). Still, the lack of pain was worth it. As for the squats themselves, I brought in my stance a few inches to try and help reduce the strain on my hips. This helped a lot and also made hitting depth much easier. I like it. Oh, and 405x8 was my PR back in March.
405x7 for 5 sets. Pretty easy. 5 to 10 min rest between sets. 

After squats I did bench today too since I missed my last session due to travelling. For some reason doing bench after squats makes my entire body feel recovered. And today's benching was extremely easy. I'm happy with how fast I'm moving these reps. I also did hook grip for the first time. It makes me squeeze the bar much harder and I feel a lot more stable.

245x5 for 7 sets. Extremely easy. 2 min rest between sets. 

Video of workout below. I ripped my favorite shorts on my first set of squats. I think you can hear them ripping on pretty much every rep. Everyone got to see my balls for the rest of the workout. 

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  1. No more green shorts? Say goodbye to your efame.

    Seriously, these look stronger than your last few sessions. My favorite stretch to loosen the hips before squatting (besides 3rd world squat) is the low lunge:

    Get into a very low lunge position (as low as you can go), keeping your back leg straight. Place your hand on the inside of your front foot and push your bent knee away from the center of your body with your elbow. As you push, you'll feel your hip pulling away from your body. Repeat with other leg.

    Kinda like this:

    This seems to help relieve any muscle tension in the hips for me. You can try it if you think it might help.

    Good luck with the rest of the cycle! Hang in there man.