Saturday, June 2, 2012

Smolov Day 4 Week 1, Day 1 Week 2, and Smolov Jr Day 1 Week 2

Okay, back from my trip! Travelling and working out usually blow, and this was no exception. The squat rack in this gym was atrocious. Every time I unracked the weight for squats, some part of the rack would catch the plates and put me off balance. My body was a wreck, too. When not on your normal schedule, recovery and nutrition tend to go to shit. In sum, these workouts were rough.

Final set of squats in that rack. Fuck you, rack. 
Ibuprofen is magical. 
Squats completed thus far. 
Bench completed thus far.

At the moment, both my ankles, my hip, my left knee, my right wrist, and my left pec are all whack. I'm icing, stretching, and taking ibuprofen. All of which take me from a cripple to where I feel normal again in about an hour.

Anyway, taking today off as I was travelling most of the day. I'm going to do Day 2 week 2 of both squat and bench tomorrow.

Video of squats from over vacation below. It's long, prepare to be bored. Although some guy almost ass rapes me on my 3rd set, I think.