Thursday, June 7, 2012

Smolov Day 4 Week 2

Plz kill me.

Lots of anxiety going in to today's workout. On the last 10 set day, at 440lbs, I barely finished the workout, with each set being absolutely painful and slow. Seeing as today called for a 20lb jump, I had my reservations that I'd actually be able to finish. Anyway, I took my ibuprofen and an extra scoop of jack3d and was feeling pretty good during warm-ups. Still, my hips and low back were fighting me on most of early sets today, refusing to feel strong in the hole and giving me some good pain between sets. I cut a lot of reps high as result. For some reason on set 8 I felt great and two out of the three reps were actually pretty good. I was pushing on my heels the entire time, too. I think this was a combination of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of the workout being nearly over and of just correctly unracking the weight and setting my feet properly. Either way, today was far better than last week and I'm feeling good in both mind and body. One more week...

Today: 460x3 for 10 sets

Video of the workout below. Almost all first reps were high and sets 5 and 6 were absolute shit and where I hit the wall. Set 8 was pretty good, though! 

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  1. Wouldn't you benefit, depth-wise, from broadening the stance somewhat? I find it almost impossible to hit depth with low bar placement and narrow stance, and I see you're struggling a bit as well.