Thursday, June 21, 2012

Smolov Max Test Day

The usual ups and downs for me on max testing day.

I took 4 days off after my last failure of a day on Smolov  and my body was feeling okay so I decided to test my maxes today. I wasn't expecting anything really, especially since I sputtered out so spectacularly at the end of both Smolov and Smolov Jr. I was prepared to come in and just call it an early day if need be. Anyway I started with squats and my legs felt very fresh, but my back still had some deep, dull soreness and my shoulder and ankle were still a little achey. No matter, I warmed up with a final set of 455 and put 500lbs on the bar. 515 was my previous max, and I would have liked to have tried for more than that today, but because of the ridiculous size of the plates at my gym my options after 515 are 545, 565, and 585, none of which leaves room for clips. So the only safe thing I could think of was to see if I could triple 500lbs. I got it --  a new PR, yay.

For bench I wanted to finally hit 3 plates, a 10lb PR, and I was able to do this. Im clearly strong off the bottom, but I need to work on my lockout strength.

Lastly, it's been a month since my last deadlift sessions in which I also attempted 585. Today I messed up in that I shouldn't have done my final warm up of 545. I probably wore myself out, and I got to exactly the same spot as last time (basically a micrometer away from lockout) when my grip failed. Oh well, not too bad.

Overall today went fine. I give it a B+.

Video of the lifts below:

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