Thursday, June 14, 2012

Smolov (and Jr) Day 3 Week 3

rawr, imma eat u.

One more fucking day to go. Today's squats showed me that I'm unequivocally stronger than I was at the start of the program. In day 4 of week 1 I really struggled to complete my 3 rep sets with 440lbs. Today I struggled far less to complete that same weight for 5 reps. Depth was good for almost all of the reps, too.  I also benched today (didn't video) and was a moron and did the wrong weight (275x4 for 8 sets instead of 265x4). No wonder benching today was much harder. Plus I really had no power or energy after the squats and was into hour 3 of lifting by the time I was finished. Okay I'm done crying.

Today: 440x5 for 7 sets.

Video of squats below (no bench video today, was lazy).

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